Admission Essay Review

 - Your Very Own Private NACAC Certified Counselor Will Review, Edit & Critique Up To 3 Essays For Your Student
 - These Essays Are An Essential Part Of The College Admissions Process & Often Times, Are The Student’s Only Real Chance To Shine
What our clients are saying about us...



Good friends recommended The College Planning Network to my wife and me.  They conveyed a sense of relief at having experienced professionals handle the college funding process from start to finish.  It can be overwhelming.  My wife and I, too, have been very happy with the decision to utilize their services.  We found ourselves comfortable discussing our financials and very pleased with their counseling and recommendations.  We all have our expertise.  It was nice to know that when the time came to need someone else’s expertise, The College Planning Network was there to assist.  Simply put, they took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money we wouldn’t have otherwise known to be possible.
~ Jim & Katherine O.


Good information that we didn't know before we attended a College Funding Professionals Workshop.
~Cheryl K.


CPN has helped me (a single mother of 4 children) restructure my situation to maximize the benefits of the FAFSA process.  They encouraged us to look at private univerisities and not just state schools because there is more money available for financial aid in a private school.  Between academic scholarships, university grants, and low-cost student loans, my twin daughters are attending a private university which costs $35,000/year per student at a cost to me of $6,000 for each daughter.  CPN not only helped me restructure my financials, they helped me to understand the whole FAFSA process.  I highly recommend CPN for anyone who has a child entering college to help access their financial situation.
~Laurel B.


College Funding Professionals are very knowledgeable.  I liked that being in the financial situation I'm in, someone is available to help me.  It's a relief to know there's people like you out there.
~Monica O.


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